I haven’t blogged for a very long time and this will be my first blog since the website relaunched. So it had to be this shoot that I am sharing with you. It’s a beautiful one and to see more you can visit Wedding Sparrow for the full shoot.

How It Began –

”The Blossom called to her. It tormented her. Invaded her dreams, her waking thoughts. It did not suit her monochrome world, it threatened to soften her. Her minimalist chic existence, her fierce façade was vulnerable to the advances of the growing blossom. She would not succumb to the country, to the colour, to the feelings of monotony and quaintness. That was not her! If she allowed it into her world it would need to bend to her needs, to evolve, to adapt. Was it the feelings of new beginnings and hope that equally enticed and terrified her. Was she ready to reveal her hidden love?’’ Ceci has fallen in love with an outsider, they are not from the metropolitan life she leads high up in the clouds of the tower block she lives in, her world is grey, black and white. her life is minimalist, she parties outside, she climbs the social and career ladder. She does not let anyone in. The blossom represents her love, a contrast to the simplistic world she exists in, it has crept up on her, surprised her with its warmth and the light it sheds on her world.’’

I love to create stories to the shoots I style, to help capture the mood, add depth to the setting and give the other suppliers involved an understanding of the personality we are trying to capture. For this shoot I partnered with Cissy from Wild Stems. When we discussed this shoot we kept coming back to wild, untamed blossom and the vibe for the shoot was born. The process of conceptual shoot creation is the same as for t=my full design plan weddings. Mood boards, colour palettes and textures are all pulled together to create the key look that everyone works from.

The shoot was to have a clean minimalist vibe that empathised the newness and the life that blossom represents. The grey tones represented the metropolis of the city life as the blossom creeps in to bring colour and vibrancy. Texture within my work is always important so the natural linen table cloth and napkins provide a subtle contrast to the straight lines of the dress and chairs. Speaking of dress, this Bowen Dryden creation couldn’t be more perfect, a deep revealing back, the way it elegantly falls over the body, it feels fresh and modern, yet the lace detail brings an element of softness and nostalgia to it. Also you wouldn’t ever know that this shoot was shot in the snow, in a barn where we had the doors wide open to capture the natural light and our stunning model Ceci froze herself to the bones.

Items from this shoot that are available to hire from TWE collection include the stone slabs, the glass thin stem candle sticks, ceramic bud vases, glass cylinders and vintage glasses. If you want to enquire about the full TWE hire collection get in touch and we can send out the brochure.

To me this shoot is perfection, the use of light, the dream team of suppliers, the way the blossom creeps in at different angles of the images, the way the textured compliment and contrast all at the same time. Its a shoot of contradictions that makes you feel cold to look at but the beauty within it is captivating.

The Dream Team –