I am passionate about supporting the local community, of collaborating with other businesses and of trying to lessen the damaging impact this little business may have on the world. Read here about the steps I am taking to help where I can.

When I first started The White Emporium it was by dream that I would be able to give back to and support causes close to my heart. After many years of building the business gradually I found myself in a position earlier this year where I either walked away from the small business I loved or I take the jump and make it my main income. As much as I hate talking about The White Emporium as a job as I see it as a passion, it does have to pay my bills and contribute to supporting my family. I am so excited to say that my decision to proceed and take a risk has paid off, over 6 months later The White Emporium has grown bigger than I ever believed it would and I am constantly chasing my tail to keep up.

With this growth comes my ability to give and after months of thinking about what is important to me and my family and where can The White Emporiums support do the most good not just now but in the future as well. I am literally so excited to announce that I have partnered with The Forest of Marston Vale to help contribute towards their mission to plant an extra 5 million trees in the Bedfordshire area. Country life is at the very heart of what I do, it inspires me, defines my styling hand writing and out in the fresh air is where I feel happiest and relaxed. I want to be able to help teach Devon the importance of protecting the environment and caring for the world around us so that her generation can help protect it for years to come.

Here’s a little more about The Forest of Marston Vale –

”The Forest of Marston Vale is a Community Forest and a Charity, planting trees and using woodlands to make life better for the people and wildlife in the 61 square mile area of the Marston Vale, between Bedford and Milton Keynes The Charity has planted over 2 million trees to transform the landscape and improve the prospects of the Marston Vale, because trees make life better – for people, for wildlife and for the planet. They help to cool and clean our air, lock up carbon, reduce flooding, provide sustainable raw materials, and are our best hope in combating the climate crisis. The Charity’s ultimate goal is 30% tree cover across the Forest and that means planting another 5 million trees.”

So when one of my amazing couples books either a ‘Take The Weight Off‘ Styling service or ‘A Helping Hand‘ styling service with a minimum hire spend of £500 then I will donate a tree to the forest tree planting initiative. So far in 2019 I will be donating 9 trees to next years planting. I will soon be emailing the couples who’s weddings have helped contribute to say a huge thank you and inviting them to take part in public tree planting days.

There are many other ways that I am tackling my environmental impact which I will be blogging about in due course but I just couldn’t contain my excitement about the trees so had to shout about it! It has always been a goal of mine to be able to give back and I am so pleased I am finally in a position to be able to make a difference no matter how small.

Images from Lola Rose Photography

For more info about the work of The Forest of Marston Vale follow the link.