I was asked to test out one the newest massages at one of the best beauty salons in Bedford and wow it did not disappoint. Read more about it and why I struggle with me time.

I don’t know if it’s because I am a mum, or small business owner or both, but I find it incredibly difficult to take me time. Any time I do spend by myself that’s not work related is usually spent punishing my body at some gruelling exercise class. Great for cleaning out the cobwebs and a de-stress, but not so great for a relax and unwind.

When Lords and Ladies asked me to try their new Therapeutic Harmony Massage I couldn’t say no. 85mins of peace and quiet away from a computer, phone (I bet my i-phone thought it had been abandoned) or baby. Absolute bliss! It was during this 85 glorious minutes this blog post was born, as in the back of my mind that little niggle of guilt was speaking to me. Should I really be laying there with my eyes closed when there was so much to do and I had left Little D in the care of family, should someone else be looking after my child when I was basically off having a jolly! As Amy’s skilled hands pummelled and smoothed my overworked body my mind was free to wander and soon banished the feelings of guilt away. Not only can I not remember the last time I was that still and quiet without being asleep but I actively chose not to think about work. Instead I set to solving the problems of Brexit, day dreaming about where I would love to go on holiday and wondering just how Game of Thrones was going to end. In the past year I don’t think my brain has dared to venture outside the realms of weddings or babies.

The massage itself was everything I could have wanted it to be. Amazing smelling oils, firm hands that got into those hard to find knots made worse by the constant lugging of heavy boxes (oh the glamour of being a Venue Stylist) all set in the stunning ambience of this gem of a salon. The mix of deep tissue massage, head massage and sweeping strokes was really vitalising. when I stood up I felt like the elastic man, with a flexibility lost since the day Devon broke me. I also walked out mentally pumped, my brain was on fire and it continued into the next day, I was so motivated, the massage proved to be a non toxic version of Red Bull!

So why don’t I take more ‘Me Time’ if it’s good for business and my energy levels then surely I should feel ok about it. Maybe it comes from the comments made in jest about my daughter forgetting who I am as I am away for work, (I know they don’t mean it but it stings all the same). If I have to leave her for work then I shouldn’t choose to leave her for pleasure. I am terrible at switching off, always thinking about the work that needs to be done, what candle sticks need to be de-waxed, terrible at sitting down still, when there is always something itching at me to be done.

But the concept of ‘Me Time’ is so important. Throughout my NCT classes they almost drilled the concept into you, find some time to switch off and unwind, it will make you a better mum. But in reality who actually does it? But we should! we really should! I sometimes think of my life as that of the old advert for the Duracell bunny, the bunny keeps going because it can, because it’s packed full of energy but eventually it also falls over. Mums and business owners are the same, if we don’t stop, take that half hour out, get our brain lost in that book then at some point we to will burn out.

So I have made a promise to myself (I will try very hard to follow) to take time out. starting with picking up a book again, so the last thoughts I have before I go to sleep aren’t about answering emails or how I will juggle looking after Devon with trying to pack for a hire collection, but about something meaningless, something I have spent 5 blissful minutes escaping into.