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Christmas With The White Emporium

Join me for Christmas with The White Emporium. October through to the end of December is my favourite time of year. I love how the magic and anticipation of Christmas slowly builds, the excitement is captivating. I always remember the excitement of Christmas from...

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Personalised ceramic bauble styled next to a reusable fabric cracker.

2020 What a Year!

2020 was a roller coaster I can never forget, the year started with such promise but soon turned into a constant fight for the survival of the business. But I learnt so much and so proud that me and the business are still here standing. Where to begin with 2020? I...

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A Stay Home Picnic

Remember when the world seemed a crazy place and we had to stay home. We had the best summer of sunshine I can ever remember and the Stay Home Picnic was born. I haven't blogged in a while, I have a few scurried away mostly about this crazy period in the world of...

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Giving Back

I am passionate about supporting the local community, of collaborating with other businesses and of trying to lessen the damaging impact this little business may have on the world. Read here about the steps I am taking to help where I can. When I first started The...

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Me Time

I was asked to test out one the newest massages at one of the best beauty salons in Bedford and wow it did not disappoint. Read more about it and why I struggle with me time. I don't know if it's because I am a mum, or small business owner or both, but I find it...

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